Brian Samuels

Brian is a CPA and an attorney whose primary foci include overseeing and managing evolution’s Home / Lifestyle clientele, TV + digital production, casting and development, and the bottom line.  Originally from Chicago, Brian built his career primarily in New York representing athletes, but now works out of our Los Angeles office, taking phone calls while pacing on the sidewalk just outside of the building, and he returns to New York almost never.


Ryan Runke

Runke has been an influential part of the action sports landscape for more than 16 years. He has worked with and managed the careers of some of the most globally recognizable and influential athletes and personalities in the modern action sports landscape. Runke’s focus is in client representation, partnership development, contract negotiations, and guiding client brand development as well as working in the production field on key projects focused around his clients' content needs.





Josh Schwartz

Originally from New Jersey, Josh has been working in the sports marketing space for 18 years.  Loving the beach life, Josh handles talent marketing for a wide swath of evolution clients, focuses on new business and keeps the fridge stocked with our beverage relationships.


Marissa Lerner

Marissa has facilitated a plethora of celebrity endorsements throughout her career representing both talent and brands. Marissa focuses on managing and branding our clients via endorsements, licensing, partnerships, digital / social media campaigns, and traditional advertising campaigns. An LA local, Marissa adds the female touch to the office, and lets it be known that she enjoys a fresh manicure just as much as a romantic evening at home with her boyfriend’s PS4.

Tom Yaps

Based out of the Brooklyn office, Tom heads up the action sports division for evolution. In that role, he has many responsibilities, including securing endorsements, running clients' signature events, and producing their various film projects. If you need to find him in New York, he is probably at Bowery Ballroom.


Ben Litvin

Denver native Ben holds down the fort in the Rocky Mountain region and is primarily focused on working with our legendary Hall of Fame clients.  He also plays a big role on the TV Production side tapping into his incredibly cavernous list of contacts.